Tattoo Care

**Always remember to handle your healing tattoo with clean hands!

When you leave the shop: After about an hour you may remove the wrapping from your fresh tattoo. Wash your tattoo gently with your fingertips and warm soapy water. Be sure to only use recommended products on your tattoos (see below). Rinse your tattoo well, and pat dry using only a clean towel. Do not rub. Leave the tattooed area uncovered for the remainder of the healing process. At this point it is not necessary to apply any moisturizer, as your tattoo may continue to seep blood or plasma. This is normal in the first 24-48 hours. It can, however, contain ink and possibly stain clothing or bed sheets. It is recommended to allow this to subside before beginning any application of lotions.

Daily Care: Continue washing your tattoo once to twice daily for the next two to three weeks. After about 24-48 hours you may begin applying a moisturizer. Using only a recommended moisturizer, apply after you wash your tattoo and a couple additional times during the day. Guidelines: apply enough to keep your tattoo from drying out and cracking, however, only apply a small amount at a time. Over-usage of a moisturizer could cause loss in color. Apply just enough to absorb into the skin. Never leave a visible film.

Additional Precautions: While your tattoo is healing, wear loose fitting clothing that won’t rub, constrain, or irritate your tattoo. Do not wrap or bandage your tattoo. Allowing air to circulate to your tattoo will facilitate healing. It is normal for your tattoo to form light scales or scabs. Allow these to form and fall off on their own.  It is also normal to experience itching. Never pick or scratch. Anything that removes the scabs prematurely could potentially damage new, healing tissue, cause scarring, infection, or loss of color. Avoid tanning or sun exposure during the healing process. (Continuing to do so after the healing process will also prolong the life of your tattoo).
Running water, such as showering, is acceptable, but avoid hot tubs, bathtubs, swimming pools, and natural bodies of water until the scabs have all fallen away. Remember, your new tattoo is a healing wound. Regard it as such. Be considerate of things it comes in contact with.

Recommended Products:

Soaps: A plain, liquid, antibacterial hand soap, such as Dial or Softsoap or any similar brand is recommended.  Avoid any soap with excessive fragrances, as this may irritate your tattoo.

Lotions: Any plain, white, unscented, water-based lotion should be adequate.
Do not use any ointments such as Vaseline, triple antibiotic ointment, A&D, Bacitracin, or any similar product. These products are typically petroleum based and are not ideal and possibly harmful.


Please call or email Katie Hutchins for questions or concerns regarding your healing tattoo.


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